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Spectragel Medium

    This is a thixotropic alkyd medium designed to mix with oil colours, retaining the body of the paint. (Thixotropy is the property exhibited by certain gels of becoming fluid when stirred or shaken and returning to the semisolid state upon standing.)

    Spectragel is a gloss medium and is quick drying. It is a clear medium based on a synthetic resin that improves the weather resistance of oil colours; ideal for glazing and extending colours while retaining gloss and structure of paint.

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    • Brlliant

      Robust very high gloss medium , easy to work with. Outside work you cannot beat it. Pub signs last twice as long. Use either regular oils or alkyds. Great for old masters, vandyke brown is just so rich and deep. Malcolm Gillespie (Shoreham-by-sea, United Kingdom) on 12 Sep 2013
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    • Not having used it before I am finding it equal to other similar mediums - Spectragel Medium 250ml

      but more economical in the tin. Thelma Allen (Kendal, United Kingdom) on 11 Aug 2014
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    • Colour lifting - Spectragel Medium 1 Litre

      Used this at an Art Class and was shown how it can enhance the warmth of colours. I had a bit of bother trying to source it but when I found this website all was well. Great service, and a very useful product. Alison Chalmers (Carnoustie, United Kingdom) on 20 Jul 2013
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