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Sketchers' Pocket Box

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A pocket-sized plastic box with integral mixing palette containing 12 assorted Cotman Water Colour half pans, plus a pocket brush.

Size of the sketchers' pocket box is 130mm x 65mm x 20mm

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(subject to variation):

Lemon Yellow Hue Cadmium Yellow Hue
Cadmium Red Pale Hue Alizarian Crimson Hue
Ultramarine Intense Blue (phthalo blue)
Sap Green Viridian Hue
Yellow Ochre Burnt Sienna
Burnt Umber Chinese White
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  • A great product for beginners

    A great product for beginners attending their first watercolour classes or for outdoor sketching. Using half-pan paint means you don't waste too much in your first attempts at mixing! A good basic set of colours which you can refill or replace with new shades. J. Palmer (Lancaster, UK) on 18 Aug 2006
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  • Good buy- very good value at this sale price - Sketchers' Pocket Box

    A very useful product. I recommend this as an ideal paint box for people just starting. The restricted pallet gives people a chance to learn to mix colours for themselves. The pigments are also of a very good quality for students. Rosemary Thomson (Cwmbran, United Kingdom) on 28 Jan 2013
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  • Great for outdoors painting - Sketchers' Pocket Box

    I already have one of these pocket box sets and found them great for painting outdoors so bought another one as the price was unbeatable and I have a back up for the set I have. Colleen Ingham (Adelaide, Australia) on 6 Jun 2015
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