Series 140 Goat Hair Brush

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Wash brush made from goat hair for soft blending and water washes. Seamless nickel ferrules with blue polished handles.

Size 5/8" Product Code: 5240001
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  • Good wash coverage - Series 140 Goat Hair Brush Size 7/8"

    Enjoying using, good handle, lovely soft head, wash results pleasing. Gillian Ousby (Blackburn, United Kingdom) on 28 Aug 2012
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  • series 140 - Series 140 Goat Hair Brush Size 7/8"

    Great brush I use this for spreading clean water over large area and painting sky's . Martin Rigler (poole, United Kingdom) on 23 Dec 2012
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  • Tends to shed quite a lot of hair - Series 140 Goat Hair Brush Size 7/8"

    The first brush I recieved, I had to send back as it would not stop shedding hair. The second one was slightly better, tho I still had to wet it with water and 'paint' with it a few times to stop it shedding hair. I think if I could have afforded a more expensive brush, I would have gone for that option. I t does have a lovely action and effect for mopping in large areas, just a shame about the loose hairs

    Virginia Hemery (Dorchester, United Kingdom) on 6 Dec 2015

    Ken Bromley's replies:

    Having spoken to this customer, The replacement brush lost a few hairs at first and then settled down to behave normally.  Sometimes with new brushes, especially big wash brushes, some hairs can be shed when using for the first few times.  If the shedding of hair does not stop, then the brush would need replacing.

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