Sennelier Soft Pastel Test Set of 6

    The name Sennelier has been synonymous with the finest pastels available in the world, whose intensity of colour and singular velvety feel have been appreciated by pastelists since the turn of the century. Sennelier's first colours were commissioned by Degas and are made the same way today by hand.  Unlike other pastels, Sennelier pastels are pure pigment and are devoid of any clay. An exclusive natural binder holds their hand-selected pigments together, yielding vivid, water-soluble colour.

    PLEASE NOTE: Despite being very well packed, sometimes, these Sennelier extra soft pastels might arrive broken or chipped at the ends when being sent by post.  This is due to the fact that they are very delicate.  This does not detract from the way the pastels work and as such we cannot refund broken pastels unless they are deemed unusable by being shattered into several small pieces.

    This test set of 6 pastel includes the following colours:

    • White (525)
    • Naples Yellow (99)
    • Persian Red (780)
    • Ultramarine Deep (388)
    • Viridian Green (250)
    • Ivory Black (513)
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