Sennelier Green for Oil Brush Cleaner

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Sennelier Green for Oil Brush Cleaner is a non-toxic fluid that can be used to clean and maintain your painting materials. This fluid provides a thorough cleaning of brushes, knives, palettes and containers, leaving them clean for their next use.

This range of mediums is made using biosolvents sourced from natural raw materials, so they are ideal for anyone looking to avoid traditional thinners and mediums made from volatile, petroleum-based materials.

Now available in 100ml and 250ml bottles

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  • Great Non-toxic/odour cleaner - Sennelier Green for Oils Brush Cleaner 250ml Bottle

    Wanting to do my bit for the environment I use this cleaner in place of regular white spirit and turps. It works great and without the fumes. Jason Anderson (Poole, United Kingdom) on 22 Sep 2018
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