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Rembrandt Soft Pastels - Basic Portrait Set

    This Rembrandt Soft Pastel Basic Portrait Set contains 30 whole pastels in an assortment of colours best suited to portraiture.

    Contents: 30 whole pastels in the following colours:

    100.5 Titanium White
    201.5 Light Yellow
    202.9 Deep Yellow
    227.5 Yellow Ochre
    231.3 Gold Ochre
    231.7 Gold Ochre
    236.5 Light Orange
    236.9 Light Orange
    339.5 Light Oxide Red
    339.7 Light Oxide Red
    343.8 Caput Mortem Red
    347.5 Indian Red
    370.7 Permanent Red Light
    371.8 Permanent Red Deep
    372.5 Permanent Red
    408.7 Raw Umber
    409.5 Burnt Umber
    409.8 Burnt Umber
    411.5 Burnt Sienna
    411.9 Burnt Sienna
    506.5 Ultramarine Deep
    522.1 Turquoise Blue
    522.5 Turquoise Blue
    545.5 Red Violet
    548.5 Blue Violet
    619.5 Permanent Green Deep
    620.5 Olive Green
    633.5 Permanent Yellow Green
    700.5 Black
    709.8 Green Grey
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    • Really good quality pastels for portraiture - Rembrandt Soft Pastels - Basic Portrait Set (30 Whole Pastels)

      Good quality soft pastels with good strength of pigment and choice of colours. Audrey Taylor (Hornsea, United Kingdom) on 5 Apr 2017
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    • Good Quality - Rembrandt Soft Pastels - Basic Portrait Set (30 Whole Pastels)

      I purchased both the landscape and portrait sets. There is little difference in the colours supplied. If I had know I would have just purchased the landscape set it would cover all your needs. Although these pastels are described as soft I would not agree with that having used other soft pastels. I would describe them as medium. I found that I had to press quite hard to release a good bit of the colour. With truly soft pastels the colours just glides on.

      John Inkson (Wolverhampton, United Kingdom) on 21 Jan 2018

      Ken Bromley's replies:

      We do try to list the contents of each of the different sets in the description of the product on our website (in this case colour numbers). If you would ever like us to clarify what exactly is included in each of the sets then we would be more than happy to help.

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