Reeves Standard Stretched Canvas Cartons (Metric)

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100% Medium Grain Cotton. Double Primed and Acid Free. Metric Sizes

Conquer that yellow feeling! No need to fear the blank canvas when the only things to be scared of are frighteningly awesome creative possibilities.

100% cotton, acid-free and double primed, this surface is ready and waiting for any oil or acrylic you can throw at it! So whether it's brushes or palette knives, bring it on boldly and experience the thrill of the fill.

The express service for next day noon delivery is not available with Reeves Canvas Cartons.
Please do not order out of stock cartons. For information on estimated dates for cartons coming back into stock email us.
Please note: These canvas cartons are normally shipped directly from our suppliers. If ordering a canvas carton along with other materials you may receive your order in more than one shipment, and not necessarily on the same day.
Canvas Carton shipped to the UK Highlands and Islands - Please allow up to 7 days for delivery of cartons.

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If you've every bought pre-stretched canvases you may have been suprised to find a small bag of wooden pieces attached to the back of the canvas stretcher. Many people wonder what they are actually for! These wedges can be inserted into the slots in the back of your canvas stretcher, and are used to tighten up the canvas fabric to stop it from loosening. The tension of your canvas will depend on how firmly and deeply you insert the wedges into the slots.

Follow our instructions for fitting canvas wedges 

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30 x 100cm (6) Product Code: 8330839C
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50 x 50cm (6) Product Code: 8330849C
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