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Reeves Quadratologo Set 1

    It's cool to be square when geometry helps you get the measure of that daunting blank canvas and create colourful works of wonder. A unique overlaid grid breaks down empty space into smaller areas, inspiring oodles of experimentation to form unique patchwork designs. The Quadratological choice for beginners or artists looking for a new angle.

    This set contains:

    • 4 75ml Acrylic Paints – Titanium White, Rose Madder, Lemon Yellow and Orange.
    • 1 Brush
    • 1 Cotton Canvas
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    • I like this paint set ! - Reeves Quadratologo Starter Set 1

      The canvas has a string design that promotes experimentation and creativity
      Lots of acrylic paint and a good quality brush Alexis Moore (Miami, USA) on 26 Nov 2017
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