Professional Artist Lamp 2, Satin Silver

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This lamp is no longer available, but the replacement bulbs can still be purchased below.

This is beautifully designed powerful artist lamp which is chic and modern. It is supplied with two clamps for optimal flexibility and versatility. The universal clamp allows the lamp to be attached to virtually all floor standing metal and wooden easels. The heavy duty table clamp allows the lamp to be used with a table easel, on a draughting table or work bench in a matter of seconds! The 24W low heat daylight™ tube is now longer and provides an even wide spread of perfect white light (equivalent to 185W). Have total control over your creativity with the right light exactly where you need it via a 360° degree shade rotation and 320° degree head-flip system which allows the lamp head to swivel completely to a different area, maximising light coverage up to an A1 size area.

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 Daylight Techne Artist & Drafting Lamp

Daylight Techne Artist & Drafting Lamp


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Daylight™ technology

With full spectrum daylight™ technology, your eyes will still be fresh at the end of the day! No headaches, no red-eyes, working under daylight™ becomes as relaxing and natural as a walk in the park.

daylight™ colours

Love the colours just the way they are! The daylight™ technology not only reduces eye-strain; it gives you the best colour matching ever.


Twist the head of your lamp, not yours! With the Easy-Twist 320° head-joint, you can rotate the shade and direct the light exactly where you want. Another innovation from Daylight™.

Eco friendly, uses 80% less energy

Low heat

Even if you touch the shade or tube of this lamp by accident, you will be safe. All our bulbs and tubes use the Daylight™ low heat technology for ultimate comfort and safety.

Wide head

The wider the better! The shade has been designed to spread the light evenly across your working area, making it easier for you to see details and work in comfort.

There is a 2 year warranty from the Daylight Company but this excludes the bulb.

  • Professional lamp for large to small easels
  • New longer shade length 46cm/18" (previously 36cm/14")
  • 360° degree shade rotation to direct the light exactly where needed
  • 320° degree head-flip system which allows light coverage for A1 size area
  • New brighter 24W (185W equivalent) energy saving daylight™ tube, previously 18W
  • Lamp provides super true colour matching via its natural daylight™ bulb technology
  • Lamp brightness 5300 Lux at 15cm and 1850 Lux at 30cm
  • Total amount of visible light emitted in Lumens is 1800 lm
  • Fully adjustable flexible arm
  • Supplied with strong Easel clamp and Table Clamp
  • Integrated On/Off Switch on shade
  • Replacement 24W tube: D13627
  • The electrical lead is 290cm long

This product will only work in the UK and Europe.  This product is not workable in North America

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Replacement 24w Tube for D33900 Artist Lamp Product Code: D13627
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  • A beautifully designed and engineered product. - Professional Artist Lamp 2, Satin Silver (D33900)

    Winter can be a long time when the daylight hours are short and the artificial light of a studio or back room casts its deceitful complexion over your work in progress. But no more! This Professional Artist Lamp 2 offers natural daylight 2/47 365 days of the year (replacement bulb most probably required for such heavy duty use). Not only is its light an accurate substitute for natural 'north light', its design is both sleekly elegant and versatile in use. The engineering is superb and allows it to be fixed easily and securely to an easel or table edge, and its flexible arm and rotating head lets you position it quickly and easily to give a wide, even flood of light across a large area. I am normally very difficult to please in matters of product design, and yet this product meets my every wish (and even surpasses what I had expected from it). I am confident that the additional cost of this Mk 2 version is worth every penny over its predecessor (which was probably already quite good). Winter's shadow is banished and art is given a new lease of life! Ian Toon (Driffield, United Kingdom) on 22 Jan 2014
    17 of 17 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Although expensive, this lamp is a superb piece of equipment. - Professional Artist Lamp 2, Satin Silver (D33900)

    Better, I think, to get the best now rather than trade up from a lesser model later on. It was less expensive at Bromley`s at the time than elsewhere. Kevin Farrington (Nantwich, United Kingdom) on 16 Dec 2014
    6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Excellent on all fronts - Replacement 24w Tube for D33900 Artist Lamp

    A well designed lamp, very sturdy and easy to use. The light spreads evenly over a wide area. Once seen and put into use it is clear that this is very good value product. Bronwen Brighton (Farnham, United Kingdom) on 11 Sep 2014
    5 of 5 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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