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Pro Arte Masterstroke Miniature 6 Brush Set MSA

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The Masterstroke Series of brushes from Pro Arte gives students and amateurs an economical yet high quality brush. Ideal for beginners, these brushes are well suited to all kinds of painting; they can be used for watercolour, acrylic and even thinned oil paint. As they are made from synthetic fibres these brushes are very durable. This set would be ideal for any budding miniaturist!

This set contains 6 brushes from the Masterstroke Series 60 Miniature Range. One of each of the following sizes are included in this wallet; 10/0, 5/0, 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 0. For the measurements for each brush click on the 'Measurements' tab above.

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Please note that all sizes are approximate.

Brush Across (mm) Length (mm)
Series 60 Miniature Size 10/0 <1 4
Series 60 Miniature Size 5/0 1 5
Series 60 Miniature Size 4/0 1.25 6
Series 60 Miniature Size 3/0 1.25 7
Series 60 Miniature Size 2/0 1.25 8
Series 60 Miniature Size 0 1.5 9
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  • Performance and Cost - Pro Arte Masterstroke Miniature 6 Brush Set MSA

    Performs well and super affordable Shakina Razale (Singapore, Singapore) on 14 Mar 2019
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