Pro Arte Brush Case Set Prolene

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Prolene brushes are made from a quality synthetic hair. They have a similar degree of spring to sable brushes and fine pointing qualities too. Colour holding is equal to any animal hair, but its finest asset is the ability to withstand the rigours of misuse and general wear and tear. Seamless nickel ferrules. Black polished handles with gold tips.

The set also comes with a Series 50 pure squirrel wash brush size small, whch is a great addition to this econonomical set.


This excellent value set consists of a selection of 10 Pro Arte Prolene brushes and one Series 50 squirrel hair brush, all contained within a Pro Arte brush case.

Brushes included:
Prolene Series 101 Size 0
Prolene Series 101 Size 2
Prolene Series 101 Size 4
Prolene Series 101 Size 6
Prolene Series 101 Size 8
Prolene Series 101 Size 10
Prolene Series 101 Size 12
Prolene Series 106 Size 1/4"
Prolene Series 106 Size 3/8"
Prolene Series 106 Size 1/2"
Prolene Series 50 Size Small

The total value of the contents of this set is over £93!

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  • Nice Brushes!

    I receiveid today the brushes. They are great! Soft touch on paper and good ability to hold watercolours. Fast postal service too. Riccardo Odelti (Oskarshamn Sverige) on 31 Jan 2012
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  • value for money - Pro Arte Brush Case Set Prolene

    Extermely pleased with this set, using them for water colours and find them to be a better quality of brushes than the name brands I bought locally in Australia. As a novice to water colours, found them very versatile Jammuna Bond (Silverdale, Australia) on 3 Mar 2013
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  • Recommend. - Pro Arte Brush Case Set Prolene

    I am starting out in watercolour, I was not sure at first what brushes are good to buy, so I went for this set. They have a nice feel in the hand and paint well. Very good for a first time buy. Les Gaston-Johnston (Chesham, United Kingdom) on 1 Nov 2012
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