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Pro Arte Brush Case Set Acrylix

    Acrylix is a new breakthrough brush designed as a synthetic alternative to the hog hair brushes for acrylic and oil painting. It goes way beyond to offer exciting new properties of its own. Acrylix, though firm, is flexible and has a lovely silky working texture - something it retains after many sessions in use. Prolonged standing in water has virtually no effect on them which is essential when using fast drying acrylic colours. This durable pearly filament also helps the artist to see and judge the colour on the brush; they'll endure and delight!

    This excellent value set consists of a selection of 10 Acrylix brushes, all contained within a Pro Arte brush case.

    Brushes included:
    Series 202 Size 0
    Series 202 Size 2
    Series 202 Size 4
    Series 202 Size 6
    Series 202 Size 8
    Series 202 Size 10
    Series 202 Size 12
    Series 204 Size 1/4"
    Series 204 Size 3/8"
    Series 204 Size 1/2"

    The total value of the contents of this set is over £82!


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    • Amazing value! - Pro Arte Brush Case Set Acrylix

      Really great -- can't say better than that! A.L. Moir (St. Andrews, United Kingdom) on 5 Apr 2013
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    • Great advice and product - Pro Arte Brush Case Set Acrylix

      I phoned for advice about a good quality brush set for my sister who has started painting with acrylics and I was recommended this set among others. I purchased the set and had it delivered to my sister. My sister's reaction when she received this set was priceless! She was delighted and told me off for buying her such an extravagant set!
      Fortunately for me she had not seen how much I actually paid for it and was going by the prices of individual brushes in her local art shop.
      Thank you for making her happy and earning me many, many (undeserved) brownie points! Michael McLaughlin (Herne Bay, United Kingdom) on 23 Dec 2013
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