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Pro Arte AWA Academy Brush Wallet Set

    The Pro Arte AWA Academy Brush Wallet Set contains five round brushes from the Academy brush range. These brushes can be used with almost any media including watercolour, acrylic and even glass painting.

    Each brush has a red handle and a thick, pointed brush tip. They are made from synthetic hair which makes them exceptionally durable, while still offering good colour holding capacity and pointing qualities. This economical set would be a great choice for any beginner or amateur.

    Included in this set are five round brushes in sizes 2, 4, 6, 8 and 10

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    • Perfect for watercolours. - Pro Arte Brush AWA Academy Brush Wallet Set

      These synthetic brushes are ideal for watercolours, maintain their points and are good value. Meredith Muirhead (Glasgow, United Kingdom) on 21 May 2019
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