Portable Painter Palette

The Portable Painter Palette is the ideal gift for those who want to paint on the go. With its compact and elegant design, this palette is small enough to carry round on your travels and is completely hands-free. When folded, the size of the palette is roughly that of a large smartphone (around 7.4cm x 14cm), albeit a little thicker at about 3.4cm.

The two halves of the outer case remove and re-attach to form water containers. The tops of these containers have a small undulation that can easily hold a brush. The sturdy pedestal bases serve as fixed water containers. Easy to support, the palette is hands free even on rough terrain; it can be set down anywhere! You can even place it on your knee.

The two folding palettes offer a variety of divided wells for mixing colours. There are a total of 12 empty pans provided in the palette into which you can pre-mix or add your favourite colours, and when you're ready to paint you just add water. Half pans by Winsor & Newton will also fit into the palette. Once folded the pans are held securely in place, so they won't move around when you are out and about.

The set also features a dual-tipped synthetic brush, one end of which can be retracted and stored safely inside the brush handle. One end has a fine point for detail and and the other has a larger point for washes.

Once you're ready to move on elsewhere the palette is easily folded up and can be transported in anything from a backpack to a purse, ready for your next painting trip!

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  • Handy painter when doing plein air - Portable Painter Palette Box

    A very good portable painter palette, easy and quick to assemble and well balances. The pans are loose so they will need wedging in to stop them popping out when being moved. Colin Booth (Hull, United Kingdom) on 15 Aug 2017
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  • Very pleased with the product. It will be useful - Portable Painter Palette Box

    Small effective and also robust product

    Jan-Olof Atterfors (Örebro, Sweden) on 7 Jun 2018
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Perfect - Portable Painter Palette Box

    So happy with this. Saw it on a You Tube video and was pleased to see it for sale here. Lynne Willis (Braintree, United Kingdom) on 21 Aug 2020
    1 of 1 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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