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Pochade Boxes are developed with the serious artist in mind, these compact boxes offer artists the ideal solution when painting outdoors.They are made from Beechwood.

Pochade boxes offer everything you need for painting on location including: an easel, a palette, secure storage for materials and wet paintings plus a carry handle and detachable strap. These boxes are similar to those often used by Turner and Constable, but re-developed to be light, sturdy, practical and attractive.

Although designed for oils and acrylics, these boxes are perfect for use with other mediums such as watercolours and pastels.

Boxes are available in two sizes, both come with detachable carry strap:
Small: Takes 8" x 6" painting boards (The small box does not have any dividers in the lower compartment)
Large: Takes 10" x 12" painting boards

Please note: The pochade boxes are sold empty, any paint shown in the picture is not included.

(If you want to use a camera tripod bracket to support the pochade box on a camera tripod, you will need to strengthen the base of the pochade box with a sheet of plywood.)

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1.  A hinged lid that acts as an easel and holds two painting boards (two further paintings can be completed by attaching oil painting paper to the back of each board).

2.  A palette attached to the lid. The large palette has a thumb hole, the small one does not.

3.  A box to store all your materials. This can be easily removed from the lid and palette, reducing the weight of the box whilst you are painting.

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Weight: 1.7k

Width: 14.5 INCH (37CM)

Height: 3.5 INCH (9CM)

Depth: 12.5 INCH (32CM)



Weight: 1.06k

Width: 10 INCH (25.5CM)

Height: 3.5 INCH (9CM)

Depth: 8.5 INCH (22CM)


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User Reviews

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  • Really Good.

    I bought one of the large ones some time ago, but it was from another supplier before I started to shop here.
    They are very good but as anothe reviewer said the top part is sometimes difficult to slide out so I sanded mine down a bit and it's fine.
    I bought a KB Tripod Mount but to fit it the box needs a piece of thicker wood glueing to the bottom to stop the screws going through, or you could just glue the mount to the bottom with silicone,etc.
    They are very good for the purpose, a nice weight, fairly light, easy to use and holds a nice amount of stuff, and excellent value for money I think the best on the market for the price. If in doubt just look at the price of Mabel, etc, 'drop dead on the spot money!'. David Molloy (Rossendale,, United Kingdom) on 6 Aug 2013
    25 of 25 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • Excellent bit of kit

    I have never had any problems with Ken Bromley, no matter what I have bought from him. I have been with him now for years, and this latest buy is excellent, The other boxes I have cost more than they did here, as I bought them while on holiday, Should have waited until I got home. I even bought the small one too, as I paint most days, and like to have something ready to take out with me. This will make 8 boxes in all that I have at the ready.
    An excellent buy, with no problems at all.......... Steve Garside (Brixham, United Kingdom) on 3 Sep 2013
    16 of 16 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
  • great box! - Pochade Box Large

    Not much to say about this pochade box except that it's great value for money and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Michael Finn (Kent, United Kingdom) on 28 May 2015
    13 of 13 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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