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The brush tip pen is the latest example of brush technology. Employing the finest man-made bristles, the pen uses clean, convenient, long lasting refills of black pigment ink that is both waterproof and fade resistant. Each pen comes with 2 refills. Ideal for calligraphy, birthday cards and invitations & sketching.

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Set of 4 black refills Product Code: FP10
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Pentel Brush Pen (black) + 2 refills Product Code: XGFKP
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  • Good, but not as good as the Aquash - Pentel Brush Pen (black) + 2 refills

    With a fatter brush and ink that cartridge paper seems to love sucking in, controlling the Pentel Brush Pen can be tricky. I'm a huge fan of Pentel's Aquash pens, which I normally fill with Chinese calligraphy ink to great effect. I was hence quite disappointed with the performance of the Brush Pen and the noticeable difficulty gap between using it and an Aquash, especially because the Aquash normally retails for about half the price and can be filled with whatever surplus ink I have handy.

    The Pentel Brush Pen fills a nice niche - while most brush pens have felt-tips, the Pentel pen features nylon bristles. This makes it great for inking on the go! However I'd recommend an Aquash over the Pentel Brush Pen. Alethea Lim (Adelaide, Australia) on 11 Apr 2013

    Ken Bromley's replies: If you wish to add your own colours, we have the Pentel Auqua Brushes on our web site at http://www.artsupplies.co.uk/item-pentel-aqua-brush.htm

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  • works almost like a regular brush

    it has the feel of brush and ink, but with the convenience and speed of refillable barrel, the empty cartridges can be filled with colored ink using an eye dropper Alexis Moore (Burlington, USA) on 24 Dec 2015
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  • Excellent Product

    Bought this for my daughter and she tells me that this Pentel Brush Pen is excellent. She is extremely happy with this product. Webster (Aberdeenshire) on 12 Jan 2015
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