Pebeo Masking Fluid (45ml)

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A liquid with gray pigmentation for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes. Composition: rubber/ latex pigment.

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  • Pebo Drawing Gum - Pebeo Masking Fluid (45ml)

    Pebeo masking fluid is the best! I never use any other masking - although I do recommend decanting a small amount into another container (I use an egg-cup) and mixing it with a few drops of water - milk not cream. It doesn't have that horrible ammonia smell and doesn't seem to coagulate in the bottle. Sheila Holland (Liskeard, United Kingdom) on 13 Jan 2013
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  • The thinnest masking liquid - Pebeo Masking Fluid (45ml)

    This is my first time using Pebeo drawing gum. I am convinced to buy by others' testimonial, almost 100% said that it was the best masking liquid. I've tried it my self, and 100% agree. I like that it is that thin and significantly coloured; it really makes the masking work easier. Eunike Nugroho (Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 21 Jun 2012
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  • Very good - Pebeo Masking Fluid (45ml)

    The best masking fluid that I have found. Easy to use. Great results! Shirley Robson (Kendal, United Kingdom) on 7 Dec 2012
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