Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics by Dave White

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Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics by Dave White will have you capturing the spirit and character of dogs in no time! White truly shows his passion for animals through his advice that covers both basic techniques and more advanced exercises for experienced painters.

The book begins with guidance on choosing your reference material, working on composition and selecting your colour palette. White starts with the essential techniques - like outlining and underpainting - to more detailed explainations of how to capture the three dimensional qualities that will bring your pet portrait to life. Learn to capture realistic hair and whiskers, create that shine on the nose or glint of the eye, and paint fun portraits with ears up and tongues out.

Following these excercises, White offers three step-by-step projects that will allow you to exercise a variety of techniques. In these projects White guides you through painting a short-haired dog, a long-haired dog and a group photo. They cover a range of essential poses that you'll encounter when you come to painting your own pooches! To finish White provides some practical advice on setting up and running your own pet portrait business.

"This is a thorough and thoughtful guide that delivers on every count." - Artbookreview.net

144 page paperback.


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Dave White left a 30 year long career in finance when he discovered his ability to paint. It made him recognise that we all have creativity inside us that is bursting to get out, so he set out on a mission to capture pet portraits and to teach students how to create their own. He exhibits annually at Crufts Dog Show and the New Forest Show, and has done numerous commissions all over the world. Living in the New Forest in England allows an up-close encounter with a variety of animals, including horses and dogs.

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Dogs Monthly, March 2019

Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics is a beautiful book written by a professional artist. 

The book is broken down carefully into bite-sized, step-by-step instructions so that even absolute beginners can understand and follow the most seemingly complicated stages of painting. 

Drawing from his own experiences, Dave White explains how to apply certain techniques to obtain different textures, how to choose the background for your artwork and why lighting and portrait positioning are critical. He gives step-by-step instructions on every part of the dog's face: eyes, ears, nose, tongue, fur type (with both long and short coats catered for), and explains how to create depth within a portrait and a certain 'mood'.

There is even a short section at the end of the book on setting up a dog portrait business. Not a single aspect has been neglected, whether you are a hobby artist or a budding professional. 

There are delightful images throughout of the author's own art work and commissions, giving the book a personal feel. He also gives lovely anecdotes of his subjects and explains why he has painted each animals a certain way to portray their true character. His infectious enthusiasm for his work and his love of dogs shine's through on every page.

This is a truly inspiring and engaging book for complete beginners, and even more experienced artists will pick up invaluable hints and tips. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone thinking of venturing into the world of painting and I'm even going to have a go myself!


'This extensive study will tell you everything you could conceivably want to know about painting dogs.'

'Theres plenty of technical information about hair, fur, eyes, ears, noses and structure as well as the all-important methods of combining all those details into a result that looks like your subject. Dave is a professional dog painter and his audience the owners themselves is a demanding one. They dont want a dog, they want theirdog and Dave explains what to look for in order to capture the character of the subject as well as how to transfer that to canvas.'

'This is a thorough and thoughtful guide that delivers on every count.'

Leisure Painter, February 2019

What sets Dave White apart from other animal portrait artists is his ability to really capture the character of his subjects in acrylics. In his new book, Painting Dog Portraits in Acrylics, he shares with us some of the techniques he uses to do just that. This is not a book for beginners, and it assumes some experience with painting pet portraits, but Dave provides detailed information on composition, colour, choosing reference materials and essential painting techniques, including how to paint the glint in an eye or the shine on a nose. Three step-by-step projects include a short-haired dog, a long-haired dog and a group portrait.

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