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Oblong White Palette

    Strong lightweight plastic construction with thumb hole, five large mixing wells and 18 small wells.

    Dimensions: 35cm x 24cm x 1cm.

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    • Great and really cheap

      These are great and really cheap. I have several and my kids use them too. There is plenty of space and they clean up well. Even dried up acrylic just peels off after a bit of a soak. The oldest (at least five years) is getting a bit discoloured now but is still usable.

      My only criticism is that the thumb-hole is a bit of a waste of space, and a sixth mixing area would be more useful.

      As with all plastic products, store them away from sunlight or fluorescent lamps as they will yellow with prolonged exposure. Chris (London) on 2 Jan 2009
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    • Cheap and practical. - Oblong White Palette

      No need for thumb hole. Palette very light. Andrew Crawford (Port Erin, United Kingdom) on 9 Aug 2016
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    • Good price - Oblong White Palette

      Not to bad for this price, came in broken but will be replaced without a hassel. Customer care is briliant that way. Piotr Postol (Naas, Republic Of Ireland) on 15 May 2012
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