Millford Watercolour Paper

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Millford is the newest watercolour paper developed by St Cuthberts Mill. It is styled on the discontinued Whatman™ watercolour paper, after artists grieved the loss of this unique type of watercolour paper. It has a moderately textured NOT surface.

It is mould made from 100% cotton (just like the original Whatman™), and its beautiful surface is created using natural woollen felts. It is deliberately created to have a high resistance to water, so it’s washes perform very differently to traditional watercolour papers.

Millford sees the welcome return of a much loved style of watercolour paper.

Paper is supplied in a pack of 5 full imperial sheets or can be cut into 1/2 or 1/4 at no extra charge.

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All packs of paper* are supplied in the following options as regards size:

Pack Size Inches CM No. Sheets
Full Imperial 30"x22" 76.2x55.9cm 5
Half Imperial 22"x15" 55.9x38.1cm 10
Quarter Imperial 15"x11" 38.1x27.9cm 20
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Millford (NOT) Watercolour Paper 140lb Product Code: MN140
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  • Superb watercolour paper

    As a pro tutor, I find Millford exceptional in its quality as a wet into wet wash-friendly paper. Buckling is minimal on the 140lb 1/2. For 1/4 Imperial there are no buckling issues, so there's no need to stretch the paper first. It's not Whatman, but it's very close in its properties. I love it. Sean Terrington Wright (Norfolk) on 9 Feb 2013
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  • I like this paper very much ,the sizing is spot on

    I am really pleased with this paper and I will be ordering more in the future.the paper is only 140lbs but the surprising thing for me is ,,it is not prone to buckling,,,,,,, the not surface suits my loose style of painting and dose have enough tooth, and the colors seem to dry nice and bright and clear , Alan Owen (Wigan, United Kingdom) on 27 Jan 2014
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  • Millford paper

    I have been looking for a while now for a paper to replace the excellent Whatman paper that was unfortunately discontinued. Having said that the last batch of Whatman paper that I bought was well below their usual standard and was virtually unusable ( I still have about 20 sheets lying around).
    Getting back to the Millford paper I have to say that I find it to take the paint very well and suits my style of painting,I have tried a few papers and this is the only one that comes close to the Whatman paper.Hopefully they will start to produce it in 200Lb or more as for larger work I prefer a heavier paper. Martin Oates (Glasgow, United Kingdom) on 17 Jan 2013
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