Millford 140lb Watercolour Paper Blocks

Millford is a unique watercolour paper developed and produced by St. Cuthberts Mill. It is styled on the discontinued Whatman™ watercolour paper, after artists grieved the loss of this surface. This surface is mould-made from 100% cotton, and the NOT texture of its beautiful surface is created using natural woollen felts. Millford sees the welcome return of a much loved style of watercolour paper.

This paper has been deliberately created to have a high resistence to water, so its washes perform very differently to traditional watercolour papers. Suitable for use with watercolour, gouache, acrylic and pencil.

Now available in 12" x 9" and NEW 16" x 12" blocks of 140lb NOT paper with 20 sheets.

Please note watercolour blocks are glued on all four sides.

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  • Very pleasing surface to work on

    Having often read of other Artists lamenting the loss of Whatman paper, I was curious to see why they were so enthusiastic about it so when St Cuthberts Mills developed Millford paper styled on the original Whatman paper I was itching to give it a go, especially after they released it in Block form, which I prefer for plein air painting. I was not disappointed! The surface is easy to work on and because of the high resistance to water, washes flow on the surface of the paper and the result once the paint had dried were really vibrant water colours. The paper enhances the colour pigments of your chosen paints because more of it stays on the surface of the paper rather than be absorbed into it. I was delighted with the effect. The other thing I would say about this paper is that at just over £20. It is not bad value compared with the usual brand I use. Peter McLeod (Horsham, United Kingdom) on 18 May 2019
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