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Matt Spectragel Medium

    This thixotropic alkyd is a medium designed to mix with oil colours, retaining the body of the paint. (Thixotropy is the property exhibited by certain gels of becoming fluid when stirred or shaken and returning to the semisolid state upon standing.)

    Spectragel is a quick drying, clear, weather-resistant medium based on a synthetic resin. Ideal for extending colours, Matt Spectragel Medium will retain structure and dry to a matt finish.

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    • Very useful but needs to be carefully stored

      This is good stuff for extending oil paint without thinning it too much, and it makes the paint dry very quickly even when applied thickly. The trouble is that once air gets into the tin, the surface of the contents dries rapidly into a thick plastic layer. It happens even whilst using it. Covering with cling film helps a bit, but still a lot is wasted. And once mixed with paint you must be able to use it up in a single session - it will dry on the palette overnight. I plan to re-order but this time I will decant it into smaller plastic squeezy bottles and see if that works better. Clare Blois (Beauly, Scotland) on 3 Mar 2016
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