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Lyra Groove TripleOne Coloured Pencil Sets

    Give your creativity free rein with LYRA Groove TripleOne. The Lyra Groove TripleOne is a giant pencil containing three leads rolled into one; use it as a coloured pencil, a watercolour pencil and a wax pencil all at the same time! These pencils are extra-resistant, anti-break and long lasting with a 10mm diameter lead made from high-quality intense pigments that is easy to apply. The barrel of the pencil is made from the finest Californian cedar, and is shaped into a triangular cross-section with a 15mm diameter. This triangular profile makes these pencils comfortable to hold, and their grooved design facilitates a firm, yet easy grip. There are anti-slip holes along the sides for the users thumb, index finger and middle finger, ensuring optimal support and grip even after the pencil has been sharpened

    Available in a set of 6 or 12.

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