Loxley Sussex Studio Easel

A solid well designed easel ideal for studio and college use. The lower canvas rest features a shelf to hold brushes and tubes of paint etc.  and can be adjusted in height with the use of a ratchet mechanism.  The painting angle has a wide angle of adjustment and the easel can be folded flat for storage. 

Easel Height: 73.5" (187cm)
Maximum Canvas Height: 53" (135.5cm)
Weight:  6.85Kg



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Loxley Sussex Studio Easel Product Code: EL695
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  • Excellent value for money. - Loxley Sussex Studio Easel

    I've had my easel for two weeks now and I'm really pleased with it. After looking at loads of easels online I went for this one because it had every feature I was looking for. It is sturdily built without being cumbersome or overly heavy. All the adjustable bits are easy to manipulate including the ratchet mechanism for the canvas rest. I did make two alterations; I cut 20 cm off the central painting support so it wouldn't hit the ceiling when the canvas rest is raised to maximum height (good for getting to the bottom of smallish paintings) and I took off the feet so the easel will slide around more easily. This is a lot of easel for a very moderate price. Joan Johnson (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 26 Mar 2012
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  • Excellent - very sturdy and versatile at a competitive price. - Loxley Sussex Studio Easel

    Great purchase. A very sturdy, manageable easel. Easy to erect and easy to move around. Versatility to hold all sizes of canvases. Delighted with it! Gillian Henshaw (Edinburgh, United Kingdom) on 1 Oct 2013
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  • A great starter easel!

    Very happy with my purchase, so after looking around for a strong, sturdy, simplistic easel i decided to go for this, and it was everything i hoped for in a starter easel, the wood is very strong, sturdy and somewhat 'flexible', and can hold small to large canvases, ONLY thing is, that if you want to clamp a small canvas, there is the centre panel of wood that goes up when you elevate the bottom 'clamp', so it ends up hitting the ceiling, its too long if you just want to paint small paintings, but that can be sorted out by sawing it to make it shorter, another thing, when you clamp the canvas the clamps 'overlap' and cover a small section of the top part of the canvas, so i just but a piece of wood between so it's all good! So yeah great easel and company service!
    Hope this review is helpful :) Sophie (United Kingdom) on 22 Aug 2017
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