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Loxley Hampshire Studio Easel

    A solid studio Lyre shaped easel, produced from seasoned Elm wood, which lends itself very well to the home and busy class environment. Its adjustability yeilds itself to all variety of painting sizes and its back leg folds easily to save space when not in use. The lower canvas support is adjustable in height with the use of a metal ratchet mechanism.

    This easel is great for artists who paint with Oils and Acrylics.

    Maximum Canvas Height: 50" (127cm)
    Easel Height: 66.5" (169cm)
    Easel Weight: 4.6Kg.

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    • Easy to assemble, lightweight, easy to store. - Loxley Hampshire Studio Easel

      Easy and quick to use. Ratchet system which adjusts canvas support has plenty of notches for variable height positions. Relatively lightweight for studio easel without compromising stability. Takes up small storage space. Jill Grinstead (Scarborough, United Kingdom) on 3 Apr 2016
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    • Excellent, - Loxley Hampshire Studio Easel

      Great product, speedy delivery, just what I needed Johanna H Wood (Whitby, United Kingdom) on 21 Mar 2015
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