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Loxley Empty Heavyweight Metal Box

    A quality, good-value-for-money empty metal box which is enamelled black on the outside and white on the inside. Similar to the Winsor & Newton heavyweight metal whole pan boxes. The central well of the 16 half pan palettes can also be used to store extra half pans.

    Available in 2 sizes

    EWB210 Designed to hold  16 Half Pans
    Size 145mm x 80mm x 18mm
    3 Wells in lid

    EWB240 Designed to hold  12 whole pans.
    Size 215mm x 80mm x 18mm 
    4 Wells in lid


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    16 Half Pan Empty Box Product Code: EWB210
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    12 Whole Pan Empty Box Product Code: EWB240
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    • Perfect size box to carry around. - Loxley Empty Heavyweight Metal Box 16 Half Pan

      I really like this 16hp.box which can hold up to 24hp. I already have the W&N one, but needed a second box for some extra colors left over. This empty box is well made, but there are some minor imperfections in the black enamel, like mini bubbles which make enamel to pop off.(2 mini dots by now). I do still like this box, but would prefer it was perfect, like the W&N one I bought last year. Other than that it's just impaccable. Marie-A. Desilets (Yamachiche, Canada) on 21 Dec 2014
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    • Nearly Perfect

      For those interested the actual overall closed dimensions are 143L x 71W x 28H mm. Open dimensions: 143L x 211W x 18H mm. Empty weight: 180g. It actually weighs less the 24 half pan lightweight tin box which is 226g. To me, the build is comparable between the two but I do prefer the Loxley one for its weight and form factor when open. You can fit 8 hp down the middle and 4 wp to hold a total 24 hp.
      However, as another reviewer mentioned, the flaps when open do not lie flat which makes it precarious to balance on your hand when painting plein air. I was able to rectify the well flap by sticking on 3/8" dia. vinyl pads to prop it open but couldn't fix the flat mixing flap. In addition, the mixing surface is painted matte and not enameled. Paint still beads on the surface so it's not the best for mixing.
      Also a tip: use a miniscule bit of barkeeper's friend or any enamel pot cleaner and any staining from paints are gone in a flash without damaging the surface! K. Low (Alberta, Canada) on 10 Dec 2016
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    • Ideal sizes for travelling but...

      Have purchased both the half pan and the tube boxes, both feel and look well made and ideal sizes for travelling. However it is very tight getting new 5ml paint tubes in the tube version and I had to roll over the ends of each tube to finally get them in! Carol Hughes (Fareham) on 19 Oct 2007
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