Love Acrylics by Courtney Burden

    100 prompts, projects, and playful activities to encourage the reader to paint with acrylics for the joy of creating.

    Break all the rules and explore acrylic paint in a free and fun way! This book encourages you to get over the fear of the blank canvas and the anxiety over the outcome, and focus on the process of painting and the joy of creating.

    Whether you’re a nervous novice who doesn’t know how to get started or a skilled classical painter looking to try something new, you will benefit from the activities in this book ranging from quick, messy and expressive exercises to relaxing and meditative paintings.

    Artist and teacher Courtney Burden shares 100 prompts and projects that will build your confidence and inspire you to roll up your sleeves and play with acrylic paint in a pressure-free way. There is no right or wrong way to create a painting, so enjoy the journey, relax, unwind and have fun!

    160 page paperback.

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