Liquitex Pouring Medium

    Effects Painting Medium

    Texture: Fluid 
    Sheen: Glossy 
    Relative Opacity: Transparent

    Designed to not craze in poured applications, which creates even poured puddles and acrylic sheets. Mix with Soft Body Colour to promote drying with a smooth even coloured film.

    • Creates even “puddles,” poured sheets, and flowing applications of color. 
    • Does not craze, crack, or hold bubbles in the paint film upon drying. 
    • Retains high gloss and wet appearance when dry. 
    • Will not add transparency when mixed with color.
    • Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.
    • The medium used on its own will create a flexible transparent glossy gell finish when dry.

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    Liquitex Pouring Medium 3.78L Product Code: 5436
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    Liquitex Pouring Medium 237ml Product Code: 3903200
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    User Reviews

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    • The results are beatiful, but you need to work fast as it dries quite fast. - Liquitex Pouring Medium 946ml

      I suggest to use gloves when using it , it is hard to wash away from hands. Ivana Olbrichtova (Bela- Lysica, Slovakia) on 13 Apr 2016
      11 of 11 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Useful addition but costly. - Liquitex Pouring Medium 946ml

      Interesting effects possible. Encourages experimentation but expensive investment in that medium doesn't go far so needed to purchase two bottles (£40) - quite a slice from a restricted budget. Non Worrall (London, United Kingdom) on 15 Mar 2012
      10 of 10 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no
    • Still exploring this medium - Liquitex Pouring Medium 946ml

      I've been playing with the Pouring Medium for a few weeks now - I've coloured it then poured, I've poured then coloured, I've move it, tipped it swirled it, pushed and/or piped stuff into it and used it for making a smooth, shiny surface over the top of other collaged stuff. Every time I think I've finished exploring it I think of something else to try. I'm glad I bought 2 large bottles! Having fun, anyway. Janet Gomes (Portsmouth, United Kingdom) on 18 Jul 2016
      6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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