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Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray

    Fluid Painting Medium

    Texture: Fluid
    Sheen: Transparent
    Relative Opacity: Transparent

    • An innovative, fluid acrylic resin designed to slow the drying of acrylic colors
    • Allows you to keep your palette colors fresh longer, preventing the paint from ‘skinning over’ Improves color blending
    • Can be used to thin color while maintaining film integrity
    • Formulated with an anti-microbial agent to prevent mold

    Spray onto your palette or directly onto the surface of a painting. This medium improves colour blending and can be used to thin colour while maintaining film integrity. Use repeatedly to prevent paint from "skinning over".

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    • poor spray bottle

      When I used the product for the first time I followed the directions on the bottle, aimed the spray nozzle at my palette and the product sprayed everywhere and made a sticky mess all over my work area. I tried cleaning the nozzle and flushing it with water but it still didn't perform to my satisfaction. Sorry I wasted my money. KMK (Newcastle) on 13 Jan 2014

      Ken Bromley's replies: I am sorry you have had problems with your spray bottle, sounds like a faulty one to me. If you email us at with your details we can organise a replacement to be sent out for you.

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    • Really useful - Liquitex Palette Wetting Spray 237ml

      Prevents skinning over so I waste less paint. Suzanne Holder (Farnborough, United Kingdom) on 1 Aug 2012
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