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Liquitex Mural Splatter Brush

    Freestyle Large Scale Brushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handles crafted from the highest quality wood have been paired with top-of-the-line synthetic bristle heads; resulting in artist quality brushes that offer excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools.

    Great for unique splatter effects. Offered in Round and Flat to create different marks. Ideal with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic or Liquitex Acrylic ink!.

    Techniques & applications:

    • Splatter effects
    • Drag through mediums for unique effects
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    • Well thought out - Liquitex Mural Splatter Flat

      Good fun! Great effects. Chris Piggott (Milton Keynes, United Kingdom) on 5 Apr 2012
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    • Making a splash

      Both styles of splatter brush work very well at doing what they are designed for. The key to effective splattering is in the consistency of the paint which should be loose and creamy. G Rand (King's Lynn, United Kingdom) on 4 Feb 2018
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    • brush to big and stiff - Liquitex Mural Splatter Round

      Wasn't what I expected. Lynne Frost (Bolton, United Kingdom) on 12 Oct 2013
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