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Liquitex Mural Paddle Brush

    Freestyle Large Scale Brushes meet the expanding needs of acrylic artists working in grandiose scales. Large, comfortable non-slip matte finished handles crafted from the highest quality wood have been paired with top-of-the-line synthetic bristle heads; resulting in artist quality brushes that offer excellent durability in large scaled applications that require rugged tools.

    Shorter length out of ferrule allows for easy movement thick color and mediums. Useful for broad marks and edges.

    Techniques & applications:

    • Large surface covering
    • Move thick mediums
    • Spreading thick color
    • Smudging
    • Scumbling
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    User Reviews

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    • Lovely brush with a brief life

      I really like these much so that I keep returning to buy replacements. They are really good for varnishing, dry brushing and cutting in. PLEASE note that you can only use them with water based mediums and clean them in water. Solvents (white spirit, methylated spirit, paint stripper) melt the glue in the ferrule and the bristles fall out......something I've never encountered previously in 30 years of professional experience using quality brushes. The paint on the handles cracks making them uncomfortable to hold...even if you only use water with them. I spoke to Liquitex and they simply sent me another brush (which wasn't the same). Emily Swift-Jones (Worthin) on 28 Feb 2015
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    • Superb coverage

      My other large brushes were too soft to get the level of coverage I wanted plus the paint tended to runout halfway through my intended mark. This brush is really easy to load and manipulate and gives perfect coverage every time. With practice you can create a really diverse range of interesting marks, lines and effects. Great brush - one of my favourites. Jane Cochrane (Woodbridge, United Kingdom) on 13 Sep 2013
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    • Excellent quality

      Attended a workshop where tutor and students used these for modern acrylic
      painting so purchased these and find very effective for mark making. Using to loosen up my work. Anita Taylor (Great Dunmow, United Kingdom) on 29 Mar 2015
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