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Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium is a latex-based fluid that can be used to protect areas of your painting from colour penetration. It is best used with acrylic inks or fluid acrylic paints on all acrylic-friendly painting surfaces.

Any part of your painting covered with Masking Fluid Medium will not be touched by colour. This colourless liquid can be peeled off once your ink or paint dries to reveal an untouched surface underneath. It leaves no residue or stain once removed.

Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium is fully compatible with all Liquitex products. It is ideal for masking techniques when painting, airbrushing or spray painting. This medium is lightfast, archival, non-yellowing, flexible, non-cracking and water-resistant once dry.

4oz/118ml Bottle

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To use Liquitex Masking Fluid Medium follow these steps:

  • Choose a suitable tool to apply the medium in the level of detail you require. This can be a brush, colour shaper or something similar.
  • Dip your applicator in soapy water before dipping in Masking Fluid. This will make it easier to clean your tools later.
  • Carefully apply the fluid to the areas you want to protect and leave it to dry.
  • Once the fluid is applied clean your applicators as soon as possible.
  • Once the fluid has dried apply your paints or inks over the top.
  • For best results, remove the masking fluid as soon as possible once your acrylic colour has dried. Start with the corners and peel back slowly.

Do not use Masking Fluid Medium on damp or soft sized paper

Do not use Masking Fluid Medium under thick applications of acrylic paint

Avoid abrading or overworking areas where masking fluid is applied.


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