Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium Free 2 x 22ml Sample

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Liquitex Cadmium Free Colours - Take the Challenge

Cadmium is essential in the artists' palette. It's the pigment that gives vibrancy, colour strength and opacity to your art. Or so we thought.
Recently cadmium in paint has been called into question. Some say cadmium risks your health, others say non-cadmium risks quality. If there's one thing you need to be able to rely on as an artist it's your tools.

So Liquitex set themselves a challenge: Find a solution that means artists don't have to worry about choosing between their health and their art. Some say it isn't possible, but Liquitex have done it. Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium Free performs as brilliantly as cadmium paint. The only difference: it's safer for you.

But what matters is what you think. Can you tell the difference?

Available in Cadmium-Free Red Medium and Cadmium-Free Yellow Medium. Each sample box contains two 22ml paint tubes: one cadmium paint, one cadmium-free paint. Test them out. Guess which is which. 

Regular cadmium paint requires warning labels in the US. For accurate blind testing both tubes carry this warning.

One free Cadmium-Free Paint sample per order. Must be ordered with other paid for items; free sample will not be sent out on its own. 

PLEASE NOTE - We restrict the total number of samples on any order to three. If more than three samples are added to any one order we will delete any excess samples at our discretion.

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  • Nice and creamy acrylic paint. - Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium-Free 2 x 22ml Yellow Medium Sample

    Good quality acrylic paint. Very smooth and creamy Stephen Cooper (Malton, United Kingdom) on 1 Mar 2018
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  • Decent sized samples for comparison purposes. - Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium-Free 2 x 22ml Yellow Medium Sample

    These samples came in very handy for a painting where I wanted to add a little bit of texture. I honestly couldn`t tell the difference between the cadmium-free and the original containing cadmium - to me they seemed to handle alike. The heavy-body was lovely to work with, and I guess my next order will include a few basic colours to experiment with.

    K M Hamilton (Maybole, United Kingdom) on 23 Feb 2018
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  • Couldn't tell the difference - Liquitex Heavy Body Cadmium-Free 2 x 22ml Red Medium Sample

    We will have to get used to cadmium free paint and Liquitex have come up with an alternative which will be mighty hard to tell from the original! John McBrien (Worthing, United Kingdom) on 30 Jul 2018
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