Liquitex Glazing Medium

  • Description

Fluid Painting Medium

Texture: Fluid 
Sheen: Gloss Relative 
Opacity: Transparent

  • For creating brilliant jewel like glazes with acrylic artist colors.
  • Excellent brushing and leveling qualities.
  • Dries quickly for rapid layering.
  • Mix with any amount of acrylic color.
  • Small quantities of color provide the most transparency.
  • Works best with transparent or translucent colors.
  • Flexible, non-yellowing and water resistant when dry.

Mix with Slow-Dri Blending Medium or Slow-Dri Fluid Retarder to extend the working time.

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User Reviews

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  • Used with liquitex paint gives a wonderful sheen - Liquitex Glazing Medium 118ml

    Has made such a difference to my pictures, the glazing technique brings colour and focus to my pictures Adrienne Rollason (Broadstairs, United Kingdom) on 3 Apr 2012
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  • I love this medium, makes glazing super easy. - Liquitex Glazing Medium 118ml

    This is my favorite medium so far, but as with all mediums, I find I use a lot, as their use suits my style of working. Much better than using water, but its a shame they are so expensive. Venice Sedgwick (Accrington, United Kingdom) on 14 Nov 2015
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  • great - Liquitex Glazing Medium 237ml

    Does what it says on the bottle :)
    Helps keep paints transparent for more layers than gloss or matte medium does. Dries very glossy.

    Works well with airbrushes for making something akin to 'candy colours' - dyes suspended in lacquer. Still though after some layers even the glaze medium + acrylic colours ends up opaque. Robert Knight (Nuneaton, United Kingdom) on 15 Sep 2013
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