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Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer

    Effects Painting Additive

    Texture: Fluid
    Sheen: Satin
    Relative Opacity: Transparent

    Use Liquitex flow-aid flow enhancer in conjunction with any acrylic medium or acrylic paint or ink when increased flow and absorption and decreased film tension and friction are important. This flow enhancer improves the flow, absorption and blending of any water-soluble paint (i.e. acrylic paint), medium, ink or dye. By reducing friction of paint application it minimizes brush marks. 

    The flow-aid flow enhancer does not contain binder. Please note: over thinning of acrylic paint with Liquitex Flow-Aid and applying to a non-absorbent surface (i.e. gessoed canvas) may result in poor adhesion. Always make a test piece for your particular application and surface. 

    On non-absorbent surfaces, will increase the fluidity and open (drying) time of the paint. On absorbent surfaces, will act as a stain, dye or watercolour.

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    • Couldn't work without it! - Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 118ml

      I'm painting dolls for a living and for making the paint smoother and easier to work with there is nothing better than Liquitex' Flow-Aid. I discovered it years ago and since then I'm happily using it, even though it's hard to get here in Germany and thus I always have to get it from abroad.
      118ml doesn't sound much but even with using it pretty regulary several days a week a bottle usually lasts me roughly two years and for the way I work I don't even use water to thin the flow-aid down. Michelle Waschk (Dortmund, Germany) on 11 Jan 2014
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    • awesome - Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 118ml

      Really helped me to get a perfect mix for a weathering coat on my test model. Am looking forward to starting a weathering session on my freight cars & locos Brian Coombes (Southampton, United Kingdom) on 14 Jul 2013
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    • Your acrylics larder needs this also... - Liquitex Flow-Aid Flow Enhancer 118ml

      Mixed at 9:1 (10%) this lasts forever (more or less). There is nothing worse than tide marks when doing an ink wash. This will break surface tension to reduce that happening without the foam of washing up liquid, unless you want that textured look. Jim Lomas (Colchester, United Kingdom) on 28 Aug 2014
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