Liquitex Clear Gesso

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A very clear size and ground that keeps the working surface viable. Clear Gesso provides an ideal degree of tooth for pastel, oil pastel, graphite, and charcoal as well as an excellent ground for acrylic and oil paints. This gesso is ideal for painting over coloured or pattered surfaces or over an under drawing. Mix with acrylic colour to establish a tinted transparent/translucent ground. Dries clear to translucent depending on thickness. One coat is usually enough.

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  • paintings on unpainted wooden furniture - Liquitex Clear Gesso 237ml

    I had not tested this before but have recently done so. I am about to use it to prepare the front of a plain wooden varnished breadbin so that I can paint a trompe l'oeil rat on the wooden background. The test on a piece of scrap wood worked very well and the clear Gesso seems to give as much tooth as the white. Vivien Bryce (Tenhola, Finland) on 2 Mar 2013
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