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The plastic fine point allows creation of lively sketches and the rapid-drying permanent ink permits overlay of colour washes without blurring or running. Suitable for paper, acetate film, glass and plastic. Available in black (sepia is now discontinued).

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  • Good if you want a fine tip with a permanent ink.

    These write very well - it took some time to realise that they have two cap on modes. Cap on and easily removable and cap on and needs wrenching. The difference is about 0.5 mm. Once I mastered this they were fine. Both the brown and the black have very intense colour but unlike a lot of spirit based inks it does not spread much before the spirit evaporates. Very comfortable to use. Ernest Barton (London, United Kingdom) on 16 Apr 2012
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  • Doesn't fit the description.

    I have tried these pens on the following papers:
    Strathmore 150gsm double sized sketch.
    Blue Bell 200gsm sized sketch
    Seawhite 140gsm double sized sketch.
    These papers don't let watercolour through but yet this so called bleed proof pen went through all of them, and they are the toughest sketch papers out there. The pen for some reason is three quarters of an inch shorter than a standard pen, so doesn't sit properly in the crook of your hand, and finally the ink smells.In short, I wont buy another one. David Molloy (Rossendale,, United Kingdom) on 8 Jul 2013

    Ken Bromley's replies: There is a slight bleed with the Sketch Pen, but it is still a good pen for general sketching use. The Letraset pen is much better for virtually zero bleed when sketching. The pen is 12 cm long which is average size, being the same length as the Letraset pen. The ink has a faint smell, but I did not find it off-putting. I as sorry you are disappointed with the pen.

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  • Brilliant

    Best I've tried and colours are great. FIONA CAMPBELL (Alloa, United Kingdom) on 17 Jun 2012
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