Koh-I-Noor Brilliant Watercolours 12 pan set

This set of 12 Koh-I-Noor watercolour pans is great for young artists looking to take their next step in watercolour painting. These paints offer bright, vivid colours and are suitable for drawing designs, painting portraits, landscapes and even decorating Easter Eggs. The set contains a great selection of 12 colours that are all fully mixable.

Each of the tablets is approximately 2.3cm in diameter and are housed in a plastic container that measures 17.2cm x 7cm.

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  • Bargain inspiration

    Bought these beautiful, intense ink colours after a professional illustrator let our 5 year old grandchild paint with this palette. We took this one as a present on our family camping trip. Without prompting, our grandchild recognised the palette as the one recommended by the artist. She returned minutes later with a painting of The Orange Princess she had seen the illustrator create at the storytelling festival where he was painting and telling stories to children. Bargain inspiration! Sue Eves (Oxford, United Kingdom) on 19 Aug 2019
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