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Kawaii How to Draw Really Cute Fantasy Creatures by Angela Nguyen guides you through drawing a collection of adorable fantastical creatures. Some are mythical, others strange hybrids - all are from Angela's own imagination!

Angela's 'Kawaii' book series are brimming full of cute creatures from a range of myths and cultures. She transforms even the most menacing beasts into adorable creatures that will have young artists cooing! Get to know exactly what 'kawaii' is about, and how to transform any mythical animal into kawaii style. There are step by step diagrams that guide you visually through each step. Super easy written instructions are also included. The creatures are separated into three sections, organised by terrain; air, water and land. There is also a section to inspire you to create your own cute fantasy animals - whether they are elephants with fairy wings, bunnies with huge ears or another cute mash-up. Angela also shows you 'feature spreads' - her own imagined landscapes where these creatures live. Taking cuteness to the next level, this wonderful resource makes drawing instantly achievable and great fun!

128 page paperback, 180mm x 230mm.


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Meet Angela!

Fiber-tips, colored pencils, no special equipment required.

Make It Cute!
The key ingredients to making a cute drawing are explained here: big head, large eyes, fat cheeks, and a little bit of
magic, capturing the essence of a creature’s character.

The Menagerie
A roll call of all the creatures, making it easy to choose the one to draw first.

Chapter One: Water
Loch Ness Monster (aka Nessie)
Water horse
Kraken (a sea creature from Norse myth)
Snapping turtle
River monsters
Ghost whale (bake-kujira, from Japanese myth)
Inkanyamba eel (a legendary river creature from Zulu and Xhosa folklore)
Crocodile gbahali (from Liberia)
Water dragons
Water bunnies

Chapter Two: Air
Air dragon
Giant bat
Winged elephant
Giant butterfly/moth
Kongamato (pterosaur-like creature from Congo)
Elemental birds
Winged deer
Winged lion
Flying rabbit
Giant dog

Chapter Three: Land
Giant dog
Basilisk (magical serpent)
Cerberus (three-headed dog)
Robot monster
Tree creature
Big antler deer
Ozark howler (a shy, legendary creature living deep in the Ozarks)
Three-eyed cat
Rock monster
Kasa-obake (an umbrella-shaped mythical creature from Japanese folklore)
Nuppeppo blob (a baggy, saggy creature from Japanese folklore)
Land dragon
Grootslang (Afrikaans and Dutch for big snake)
Horned rhino
Ghost creature
Floofle (a furball with ears)
Horned tiger cub

Now Draw Your Own

Index and Credits

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Angela Nguyen is a Seattle-based artist known for her cute illustration style. She is the author of the best-selling Kawaii series which includes How to Draw Cute Stuff, How to Draw Cute Animals, and How to Draw Cute Food. She has a presence online under the screen name Pikarar with 40k followers. Besides being an illustrator, she’s also a graphic designer trained in print, motion, packaging, and digital and currently designs voice experience for Amazon.

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  • Adorable drawings - How to Draw Really Cute Fantasy Creatures

    Brought this for the kids as they love to draw cartoon characters. I even drew some myself and really enjoyed it . Simon Benson (Littlehampton, United Kingdom) on 2 Mar 2021
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