John Yardley Escoda Signature Collection

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This collection of three John Yardley signature Reserva round pointed sable watercolour brushes from Escoda were based on the brushes John uses and the sizes are 6, 10 and 12.

John only uses sable brushes and he has selected these Escoda Reserva brushes, stating that they are a “must” for their resilience, perfect pointing and their extrordinary capacity to retain liquids.

‘The Reserva Series embody the ultimate in quality sables - there is nothing more to be said.’ John Yardley

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  • No problem with these confident brushes. - John Yardley Escoda Signature Collection

    Very nice. Compared to Da Vinci the hairs are a little longer and floppier, but this adds to a looser stroke which I rather like.. even if I have to get used to it. I would say you need one size bigger.. ie. a size 14 Escoda is equivalent to a size 12 Da Vinci.. but I can't be sure this is exact. What I can say is that a size 12 Escoda is smaller than a DaVinci size 12. All in all, I would give these brushes a thumbs up. Roland Herrera (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 7 Feb 2014
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