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Golden Open Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 22ml Traditional Colours

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This Golden Open Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 22ml contains six tubes of artist quality, slow drying acrylics in traditional colours. The colours included in this set are:

  • Indian Yellow Hue
  • Alizarin Crimson Hue
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Sap Green Hue
  • Van Dyke Brown Hue
  • Titanium White

Golden Open acrylics are an artist quality paint made with a special slow-drying formula. This gives an extended working time so you can relax as you blend and mix your colours. It also means that your colours will stay fresher on your palette for longer - some artists even find that in a sealed or covered container their paints stay workable for weeks! Their slow drying qualities also means that they can be used with techniques previously restricted to oils, and can even be used for some printmaking methods. They have a slightly softer consistency than Golden's Heavy Body Acrylic colours.

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Golden believe that artists have the right to know what chemicals they are working with, and so have developed their own Health & Safety labelling system. You should follow basic precautions when using any Golden Products. Each label gives pigment identification information as well as general guidelines for safe use, and on Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) which list hazards of product components without incorporating the use assumptions of toxicological risk assessment. Golden's label advice for using chemical products safely, while conservative, emphasizes the need to err on the side of caution when using art materials. It's a lot of information to fit onto a label, Golden believe it's the best service they can offer. More information about Golden Health & Safety Labelling


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  • Service is excellent - Golden Open Acrylic Intro Set 6 x 22ml Traditional Colours

    The service is very good I am in Australia, the paints arrived in less than two weeks. The prices are very competitive even when freight is included.
    English freight charges are the world`s best. I have looked at other countries.. Malcolm Roach (Marsden, Australia) on 12 Jul 2018
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