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Professional Water Colour finest quality offered in a unique shape with multiple application possibilities (dry or wet).

Just add water - even years later! The Winsor & Newton Watercolour Sticks have been specially formulated so they can be used dry and then wet - after any length of time, for maximum convenience. Perfect for studios, outdoors, or even on the go.

Try out this great new product with this FREE sample.

One free sample per order. Must be ordered with other paid for items - the free sample will not be sent out on its own.

To get your FREE watercolour stick sample, simply enter the code FPWCS when you check out.

One free Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolour Stick sample per order. Must be ordered with other paid for items; free sample will not be sent out on its own.  The 1p price of the samples will be deducted from paid for orders.

PLEASE NOTE - Due to a limited supply of free samples, we restrict the total number of samples per order. A maximum of two different free samples can be added to your order. If more than two samples are added to your order we will delete any additional samples at our discretion.

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  • If you like watercolour pencils, these are for you. - FREE Professional Watercolour Stick Sample

    I was please to get the chance to test these colours. The sample I received, was Ultramarine, so I could actually use it in a painting. I find that testing new colours really makes no sense when you're only doing swatches.

    The colour pressed into this small stick doesn't have as creamy a consistency that I thought it would. I had expected them to feel more like Schmincke's Rembrandt pastels. Instead, it actually felt like using a watercolour pencil, e.g. the Albrecht Dürer line from Faber-Castell. I generally don't like to work with watercolour pens, so maybe that's why I wasn't too happy with the product.

    If you apply the pigments too lightly on the paper, they will not readily transfer and the colour doesn't really come out. If you press too hard though, the stick will definitely leave streaks and lines that don't really wash away later on in the process. I ended up carefully shaving the stick over a nutmeg grater into my palette, then I could work fine – if unorthodox – with the shavings,. The pigments are of a wonderful quality, no doubts here, classic W&N.

    So, overall these sticks aren't my cup of tea, but they're of a great quality nonetheless. People who enjoy working with watercolour pens and/or like to paint a lot en plein air (which I don't) will probably love these sticks and the practicability they offer in this regard. They're highly portable and the sets come in a protective tin. Kiki Thaerigen (Hamburg, Germany) on 13 Jul 2016
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  • Not sure - FREE Professional Watercolour Stick Sample

    It's nice to try this product, and the colour is great, however the whole concept makes me feel kinda confused... I'm sure there are people who would love it, probably not for me though. T. B. (United Kingdom) on 6 Sep 2016
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  • A new one to try! - FREE Professional Watercolour Stick Sample

    I am still playing about with this... it adds to my range of experimental materials and I can see myself using it regularly for sketches. Sunil Patel (Northwood, United Kingdom) on 16 Apr 2017
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