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Fabriano Tela Blocks

    The Fabriano oil painting paper Tela has an internal and external sizing that offers an ideal absorption for oil colours. It is acid free and archival. The unique paper surface, obtained through a specialized texturing process, creates a surface similar to linen canvas. It is recommended for oil painting techniques.

    The surface is coated for optimum absorption of the paints.

    Acid free, 300gsm. Each block is glued on 4 sides and contains 10 sheets.

    Available in 5 sizes.

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    7" x 9.5" Product Code: B171
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    9.5" x 12.5" Product Code: B172
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    12" x 16" Product Code: B173
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    14" x19" Product Code: B174
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    16" x 22" Product Code: B175
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    User Reviews

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    • Great new possibilities - Fabriano Tela Block 7" x 9.5"

      Oil paints on the Fabriano Tela oil paper look very brillant, the surface seems similar to real canvas through an impressed 3D-pattern.
      This paper allows sketching with pencil because erasing graphite lines is as easy as on drawing paper. Therefore, this paper is ideal when a lot of outline drawing is required at first. The sheets cannot be rolled, the drying time is not faster compared with canvas pads. Obviously, the pigments do not enter deeply into the paper.
      I have also experimented whith very thin and pale washes using Artisan water mixable oil paints and even this technique works great on this paper. Christoph Bodner (Innsbruck, Austria) on 14 Sep 2012
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    • Good surface texture for working with acrylics - Fabriano Tela Block 12" x 16"

      I use this fabriano block all the time as it gives a good textured look to the finished painting Christine Webley (Sherborne, United Kingdom) on 8 Sep 2012
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    • Quite pleased with the product - Fabriano Tela Block 16" x 22"

      I find the product sufficient for my needs at the moment. However, I'm new to using them and find them not as versatile as stretched canvases because they are more fragile and when I tried to scrape off the paints or rub off the pencil marks. Feraya Ullathorne (Weston-super-mare, United Kingdom) on 23 Dec 2013
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