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Expressive Oil Portraits DVD

    Andrew James is master of the expressive portrait. His use of colour and tone brings an excitemnt and dynamism to his work that makes his portraits take on a life of their own. Andrew is Vice President of the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and in this two hour long DVD he paints four oil portrait sketches that really show how his mind works when approaching a portrait - from choice of palette, brushes and canvas to the seeing and thinking process used to capture the very essence of the sitter. In his final demonstration on this DVD Andrew shows just what can be achieved against the clock as she produces a characterful portrait study in just one hour!


    Duration: 120 mins approx
    Format: English, PAL DVD

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    • Rather Ponderous! - Expressive Oil Portraits

      I was really disappointed with this dvd.I felt that "expressive" was misleading, and the it don't work as a teaching product. The three subjects painted are dealt with in exactly the same way. Adrian Hughes (Swansea, United Kingdom) on 6 Dec 2014
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    • First class! - Expressive Oil Portraits

      Gives a very good idea of Andrew's method of working. John Boustred (Lydney,, United Kingdom) on 9 Sep 2012
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