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Escoda Optimo Travel Brush

    Kolinsky sable hair is one of the perfect brushes for watercolor due to the result of the perfect combination of the best male and female hairs. It is considered one of the best types of hair for its softness and its natural spring. It is also valued in acrylic and oil painting to paint portraits or to finalize details of a piece of work.

    These beautiful Escoda Optimo travel brushes are perfect for taking on painting trips. They are in two parts enabling you to put the brush end inside the handle for easy transportation.


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    • Superb Travel Brushes!

      I use a JFW palette made by the Little Brass Box Company and I also have a Craig Young palette. Both these paintsets are great for painting outdoors but there's always the problem of finding suitable brushes to go with them. Initially I cut down some W&N brushes but when stored inside the palette boxes, they moved around and the hairs became distorted due to pressing against the edge of the box.

      So when I spotted these Travel Brushes from Escoda, I was quite excited and even more so when I saw that Ken Bromley could supply the complete set of Kolinsky Sables for under £70 - I paid twice that amount for 1 W&N Series 7 brush!!

      When I collected the Escoda's from the shop, I was very pleased with their construction and equally impressed with the way the brushes performed on paper. The protective covers form a nice, long handle which makes them very easy to work with and the ventilation hole in the end of the cover allows the hairs to continue to dry when the brushes have been stored away.

      They're perfect for working on painting from 7x5" to half imperial and you can safely store them in a paintset or even just chuck them in a bag. No harm will come to them. Thomas Mcquiggan (Bolton, United Kingdom) on 23 Jan 2014
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    • Superb brush

      Try and buy any Kolinsky sable size 12, travel or conventional, for less than £45! This Escoda Optimo 12 is not only convenient, but beautifully made, fitting firmly into its lightweight cover. The brush itself is superb, full-bodied but with a shapely point. I'll be recommending it to all my painting friends. Brian Stone (Cheadle , UK) on 21 Oct 2014
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    • No compromise in a fine travel brush

      Escoda Optimo travel brushes are made of a thin metal tube handle holding a well made brush head. The handle reverses to protect the brush hairs. Unlike many travel brushes, these chrome-plated handles are as thin as wood brush handles. The competition's brush handles are often quite a bit larger in diameter. These are also very sturdy, and I do carry one or two in my jeans pocket without worrying about the brushes breaking. Jon Fabian (Maryland, USA) on 28 Sep 2014
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