Drawing & Painting Wild Animals by Vic Bearcroft

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In Drawing & Painting Wild Animals by Vic Bearcroft, Vic shares his passion for painting and drawing wild animals by showing you how to capture the distinctive personality and features of a variety of creatures.

In this reissue of this popular title you will learn how to create beautiful artworks in a series of simple steps. Vic's instructions contain plenty of detail from sketching basic shapes through to recreating a full image in your preferred medium, whether you work in acrylic, pastel or watercolour.

Vic Bearcroft is a professional artists and has been named Winner of the Endangered Species category in the BBC WILDLIFE ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2012 competition for his painting of 'Makaku' - a painting which is featured in this book.

128 page Paperback


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Introduction 6
Materials 8
Impact: tone and colour 20
Getting started 24
Big cats 32
Step-by-step: Tiger 42
Ungulates 48
Step-by-step: Zebra 58
Bears 64
Step-by-step: Panda 74
Pachyderms 82
Step-by-step: Asian Elephant 90
Great apes 94
Step-by-step: Chimpanzee 102
Canids 108
Step-by-step: Wolf 120
Index 128

About the Author

Vic Bearcroft is a professional, self-taught artists who's work focuses on wildlife and pet portraits. He specialising in pastel on velour, but also works in acrylic, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and coloured pencil. He has been drawing animals ever since he could hold a pencil, and spending part of his childhood in Kenya meant that there was no lack of inspiration! Passionate about wildlife in general, Vic works with a large number of animal welfare and conservation organisations worldwide, donating prints, merchandise and funds. He says: "While I consider myself to be a wildlife artist, I prefer to paint close-up intimate portraits of animals as individuals, rather than in landscape settings. My aim is to capture not only the likeness of the subject in my painting, but also the life and soul in its eyes."

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