Derwent Shave 'n' Save

    Just shave and then save!

    This ingenious little tool is designed for use with the Artbar range. It is designed to sharpen and shape your Artbar to suit your requirements.

    The container collects all the shavings and you can save them for later use; sprinkling them over a wet or damp painting and pushing them into the surface to create interesting effects and texture.

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    • Good tool, not so great lid - Derwent Shave 'n' Save

      Using the artbars is great, and this tool is most useful, but the lids are so hard to take off that they often splash or pull off the whole lid right from the threads. And they are not water proof and can leak when in a bag. Michael Haggard (Stanberry, USA) on 11 May 2012
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    • could be useful - Derwent Shave 'n' Save

      Not sure yet how useful this will be but probably for shaving and then using the shavings for a background. I bought 2 and the second one's lid didn't really fit too well, so I kept that one - but it was a good stocking filler! Deborah Morton (Worcester, United Kingdom) on 6 Jan 2015
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