Derwent Scale Dividers

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A great tool to help with scale and proportion. This clever instrument will help you transfer measurements from life, photographs and sketches with ease... achieving accurate proportions every time.

Anyone can achieve the proportion and scale that they want with this easy to use tool. Features include:

  • Eleven graduation holes to achieve your preferred scale.
  • Ability to reduce or enlarge in ratios from 4:1 to 1:4
  • Facility to measure angles to aid correct perspective
  • Capacity to find mid points quickly and easily


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  • Brilliant! - Derwent Scale Dividers

    An absolute must for any artist - great for scaling down subjects (however detailed) on to your paper or canvas and, especially, for obtaining correct perspectives.

    I've just used it for the first time to draw (and then paint) the main entrance to the Venice Arsenale and its lions - the Dividers made it easy to get everything into the right place and scale on an extremely complex subject

    Highly recommended! Roger Phipps (Ivybridge, United Kingdom) on 21 Mar 2012
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  • Will be useful - Derwent Scale Dividers

    concerned may not be substantial enough. Could do with ratio marks John Wood (Sheffield, United Kingdom) on 23 Jul 2013
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  • unique and well made item - Derwent Scale Dividers

    Very unique item...well made...very pleased! Tracie Embro (Gainesville, USA) on 2 Sep 2012
    6 of 6 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no