Derwent Graphitint Pencil Sets

If you’d like to introduce some colour to your graphite drawings, this pencil does it all! Used dry, Graphitint provides just a hint of colour but adding water literally transforms the tint into rich, vibrant colour. Graphitint has the same properties as our 4B Watersoluble Sketching pencil so it will appeal to artists looking to add a colourful dimension to their graphite drawings but retain all the familiar qualities of their favourite graphite pencil.

Available in 24 shades.

See what colours are included in each tin here.

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User Reviews

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  • Good Quality product, but lacking in range of colour - Derwent Graphitint 24 Pencil Set

    Drawing using Graphitint is lovely, though I find not enough of the 'wet' colour is coming up on the dry version, so you need to be very careful of which pencil is what colour. I miss any type of yellow, and I will be using these pencils very closely with my Inktense pencils. Heather Nelson (Newtownards, United Kingdom) on 12 Mar 2012
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  • Delicate colours - Derwent Graphitint 24 Pencil Set

    Bought these mainly out of curiosity. Started using them like Derwent Academy Watercolour pencils i.e. Draw and then use a fine wet paintbrush. But then I used them with the other watercolour pencils as the pigment donors. Used a wet paintbrush to take pigment off the pencil point and then paint with it. Gives some beautiful light tints, especially in portraiture and some great effects. Personally, I prefer this method for detail as the pencil "leads" are a bit soft to take a very fine point but a fine brush can do it. If you do buy them, have a good play, the subtle tones you can achieve are more translucent than standard watercolours, and give great effects. BUT . . . There is no yellow!! Ian Niel (Bristol, United Kingdom) on 3 Oct 2017
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  • Derwent Graphitint Pencils - Derwent Graphitint 24 Pencil Set

    Watched the video on what these pencils could do and was quite impressed. Ordered on the strength of this, and I'm very happy with them. As with other reviewers sorry there's no yellow. Overall they are lovely pencils, blend well and cover well. Yvonne Rhodes (Wolverhampton, United Kingdom) on 9 Mar 2017
    2 of 2 people found this review helpful. Did you? yes | no

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