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Derwent Graphik Line Painter Box of 20

    Graphik Line Painters are a fine line paint pen filled with lightfast, permanent, opaque waterbased ink in 20 colours. The 0.5 Japan nib is robust and delivers a fluid paint line. Allow ink to dry for about 30 minutes before they become permanent.

    Warning the ink is permanent once dry. If you do get it on your clothing keep the area wet until you can wash it properly (not guaranteed, but it's the best bet!).

    This set is the full monty containing all 20 Line Painter colours.


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    • WOW!

      I have been considering these pens for a while now and when I saw that they were on sale I jumped at the chance to grab the set of twenty, I am so glad that I did!
      Derwent Graphik Line Painters are paint pens, but they are unlike any other paint pen I have used before. They have very opaque free flowing ink and lovely fine nibs, making it possible to achieve amazing fine details and even write with them. I tested these pens on both white and black paper and I have been very pleased with the results; especially the colours “fox” and “snow” on black paper.
      My only complaint thus far is that there are only twenty colours; I hope that Derwent will release more colours in the future.
      I work in mixed media and love layering opaque mediums over transparent watercolour so these pens will be perfect for this technique. I would recommend these to anyone working in mixed media and Art Journaling. Emily (Australia) on 11 Dec 2015
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    • Fantastic new product

      These pens arrived today and are just so exciting. Lovely presentation box and the pens have quirky, fun colour names but it is the actual performance that will be such a pleasure to explore. You can draw, spatter, blow, mix water or watercolour into them while still wet or drop the colour into a wash. Can't wait to play more! Seonaid Parnell (Radlett, United Kingdom) on 29 Jul 2016
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    • neatly packaged brilliant watercolour pens - Derwent Graphik Line Painter Box of 20

      These Derwent pens are presented in a strong box and as such it is easy to find the colour needed at any one time.
      The pens need a little gentle coaxing to release color the first time they are used. There is a good variety of colours though I would like to see one of the reds replaced by an orangy- red.
      I love the freedom of drawing on top of coloured surfaces that these pens allow. ALAYNE SMITH (Lockerbie, United Kingdom) on 17 Dec 2015
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